Quotation/Tender Details

Sno Details
1 23-01-2017:  Quotation for Printing and supply of Lokajnana-11  (Last date 02-02-2017 )
2 21-01-2017:  Quotation for Photography and videography for 10th Annual Convocation  (Last date 27-01-2017 )
3 21-01-2017:  quotation for Print and Supply of 10th Convocation related materials  (Last date 27-01-2017 )
4 19-01-2017:  Supply and installing Cots and Beds to Faculty Guest House  (Last date 27-01-2017 )
5 19-01-2017:  Supplying and installing TV Sets and DTH Connection to Faculty Guest House  (Last date 27-01-2017 )
6 10-01-2017:  Quotation for Supply of File Folder for Exam Section regarding Tenth Annual Convocation  (Last date 17-01-2017 )
7 06-01-2017:  Quotation for Servicing Solar Panels of PG Boys Hostel  (Last date 13-01-2017 )
8 05-01-2017:  Quotation for Supply of Stationary Items for Gnanasamanvyaya Event  (Last date 20-01-2017 )
9 05-01-2017:  Quotation for Supply of Shawl, Garland and Memento for Gnanasamanvyaya Event  (Last date 21-01-2017 )
10 05-01-2017:  Quotation for Providing Photography and Video Recording Services for Gnanasamanvyaya Event  (Last date 21-01-2017 )
11 05-01-2017:  Quotation for Printing of Brochure, Invitation, Certificates, Flex, Banners for Gnanasamanvyaya Event  (Last date 21-01-2017 )
12 29-12-2016:  Quotation for Supply of Computer Spares to University College of Arts  (Last date 06-01-2017 )
13 26-12-2016:  Quotation for Supply of Projector to PG Dept. of Botany  (Last date 03-01-2017 )
14 08-12-2016:  Quotation for Supply of Multifunction Printer and UPS to DST-SERB Project, Dept.of Chemistry, UCS, TUT  (Last date 24-12-2016 )
15 07-12-2016:  Quotation for Supply and Fixing 3.5 KVA UPS in PG Boys Hostel  (Last date 14-12-2016 )
16 24-11-2016:  Quotation for Supply of LCD Projector to PG Dept of Botany  (Last date 02-12-2016 )
17 15-11-2016:  Quotation for Supply of Printers to Exam Section  (Last date 23-11-2016 )
18 15-11-2016:  Quotation for Repairing 10 KVA UPS to Library, University Science College  (Last date 22-11-2016 )
19 10-11-2016:  Quotation for Consumables for Research Work for the PG Dept.of Environmental Science  (Last date 17-11-2016 )
20 10-11-2016:  Quotation for supply of Plastic Covers to Examination Section  (Last date 18-11-2016 )
21 02-11-2016:  Quotation for supply of Lab Equipment to Department of Physics   (Last date 09-11-2016 )
22 25-10-2016:  Sealed Quotation for Repairing and Replacing 63 KVA Generator   (Last date 02-11-2016 )
23 25-10-2016:  Sealed Quotation for Supplying and Fixing of Solar Water Heater   (Last date 02-11-2016 )
24 25-10-2016:  Sealed Quotation for Supplying and Fixing RO Unit in PG Boys Hostel   (Last date 02-11-2016 )
25 19-10-2016:  Sealed Quotation for Supplying and Fixing of Pedestal Fan in Botany Department  (Last date 26-10-2016 )
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