Prof. A.H.Rajasab , Vice Chancellor

Dear all

I have had an impressive tenure as Vice-Chancellor at Tumkur University (2013-2017). The time spent with the community of scholars, teachers, officers, students and the people of Tumakuru has been memorable. I take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for helping me to complete my tenure successfully.

It is important, I believe, to reflect on our past activities on this occasion so that we can take stock of the progress we have made and also think clearly about how to go further in the future. Therefore, I want to share the logic behind initiatives and activities undertaken during my tenure. I request you to consider it as a small exercise in grasping the ways and means of institution building, not as an attempt to showcase our achievements.

When I joined the University, it was, in fact, easier for me to build on the solid foundation laid down by my predecessors. I am grateful to their hard work and commitment. However, there were several challenges before me in taking forward the task of building this institution, from both administrative and intellectual angles.

Any institution needs to be built from both ‘within’ and ‘outside’. What I mean is that the outside things are quite visible, such as buildings, furniture, record keeping, etc., and the things ‘within’ are intellectual development, human flourishing, human respect among others, which are invisible. Both aspects are essential for shaping a university, and I personally prefer the latter, because unlike other modern institutions, the university is through and through an intellectual institution where human minds are nurtured. Therefore, we all need to create conditions for the development of the human mind.

Following the philosophy of developing this invisible, inner aspect, we introduced the CBCS. I am proud of all members of the BoSs for conducting workshops on designing syllabus and completing the curricula successfully in the third year. I am sure the overhauling of syllabuses has given a different intellectual make up to our students. Further, the UG courses have also been brought under the CBCS and last year, I was moved by the enthusiasm of all the teachers to introduce the CBCS. I also regret to mention here that we could not make the textbooks of certain courses available on time as it was beyond our control and the credit for the same goes to the publisher. However, we have successfully completed one year with the CBCS curriculum at the undergraduate level.

As part of this academic initiative to change the intellectual landscape of this region, we have instituted gold medals and endowment lectures, besides entering into MoUs with reputed institutions and taking initiatives to establish Science Centre on our campus in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, and Pre-examination Training Centre for the socially backward students.

Keeping in mind the enhancement of the gross enrollment ratio, envisaged by the government, the intake of student strength has been increased so as to reach higher education to maximum number of aspirants possible. Further, we also have started new Departments of Studies in Public Administration, Botany and Zoology, besides introducing new postgraduate courses in Psychology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Computer Application, Master of Education and Master of Physical Education.

I am happy to mention here that all the Departments of Studies and Research have conducted workshops, conferences and several other academic events very successfully, besides taking care of their regular teaching and research. Many of the teachers have helped me in administration too. I take this opportunity to thank all of them.

Further, I was fortunate to invite some of the best minds of our country to the university. From scientists like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam to renowned writers like Dr U R Ananthamurthy and Devanur Mahadeva, and spiritual leaders like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visited us and interacted with our students. Their visits to our university remain as memorable events in my life forever.

The financial transactions have been transparent and the university has made a good use of the RUSA grant. I am pleased to place on record that our proposal for RUSA grant has been accepted as a model proposal, and I would like to thank all those who have prepared the document so well. Further, we have made most services of the university available online and we are the first university to introduce sakaal.

Friends, men may come and men may go, but the institution goes on forever. Keeping the long-term goal in mind, we have been successful in establishing a new campus of 240 acres for the university near Bidirakatte, on Kunigal-Tumkuru highway. We have been generously funded by the Government of Karnataka to begin the first phase of the campus development. We have also got 15 acres of land in Tipturu and 25 acres of land in Sira to establish Postgraduate Centres. We thank the Government of Karnataka profusely for all the support.

University is a cosmopolitan institution which keeps on growing beyond our imagination. These steps are taken keeping in mind the expanding horizon of higher education in Tumkur region; the goal of building this university is long term even though our individual demands are immediate, I believe.

I must also thank the people of Tumakuru who have shown a lot of love and affection towards me. Thanks to the District Administration, other local governing bodies, the police and media for giving their full support to all our activities.

Nothing is perfect and nothing is ever settled in life. I have tried my level best to give good service to the university administration by treating the people around me as my friends and colleagues, not as my subordinates. I think human dignity and respect are more important than only development.

Further, I am also proud of the intellectual caliber of all our teachers and their commitment to the cause of higher learning. The days spent with you all are the most memorable in my life. I once again thank you all for your kind support and help.

Long live this institution.
With warm regards
Professor A H Rajasab