Department of Studies and Research in Environmental Science


The vision of the department is to excel in education, research and outreach with a strategic focus on functions of various environmental systems, technology and its impact on the society.



  •  Impart training to students to be knowledgeable and skilled in science of sustainable resource management
  •  Analysis of local environmental problems and try to find sustainable solutions at multiple levels
  •  Identify Limiting factors for critical environmental processes and significant micro-organisms
  •  Identification of key biotic interactions in environmental hot spots
  •  Study Structure and function of food webs in limiting environments


  • Work closely with internationally renowned scientists specializing in biotechnology, public policy, environmental economics, and social justice.
  • Create a framework that can provide new insights and raise new questions, providing unique opportunities for multi- and interdisciplinary research and education.
  • Establish a Centre for Meta-analysis on identification of environmentally favorable traits.
  • Integrate biological systems, climate and energy sustainability in all future research programmes.


  • Water conservation through vegetative desiccation tolerance
  • Microbial resources for second generation biofuels
  • Environmental Metagenomics
  • Development of microbial source tracking methods and protocols
  • Investigation of the genetic basis of host resistance to soil borne diseases
  • Development of novel analytical methods for emerging contaminants in environmental samples