Network Operation Center

Tumkur University, has achieved a great feat by transforming its campus into a totally internet-enabled campus. Now, any faculty and student can access internet anywhere any time in the campus.

The campus has 420 LAN points and 10 wi-fi devices. The development   of using Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been utilized for achieving academic excellence. The University provides all ICT facilities to its primary stake holders. The following diagram explains the campus networking concept in a precise manner.

The University has implemented the LAN network as per structured cabling standards. The existing network is decentralized. All the horizontal connectivity for common areas is terminated in respective Rack. Connectivity related to voice is terminated in MDF boxes, with Cat-6 passive components. The materials and devices used in this project are; 1GB Router provided by NIC, SonicWall Model 4500 Firewall, 24 Port core switches (02 Nos.), 24 Port M Switches (12 Nos.), OFC cables 6 core and 12 core; Ruckus Zone Controller.

The University is having 1 GB dedicated fibre optic line internet connectivity provided by BSNL through NKN project. Three servers have been setup in a server room which is housed is one of the rooms inside the campus. University website named “” is been hosted in one of these server, another website for the use and access of online journals named “” is been hosted in a separate server and also University is having a separate mail server named “”. The entire campus networking activity is being monitored by the technical personnel in Network Operation Center.

Maintenance of

  1. Mail Server (
  2. Online Journal and Publication Server (
  3. Digital Library Server (
  • Maintenance of Campus networking and data voice networking
  • Maintenance of firewall system connected to the campus networking.
  • Educating the staff and students of the University in computer skills by giving them
        advanced computer training.
  • Monitoring and planning for the extension of campus networking.
  • Development of  application software as per requirement of the University
  • Maintenance and monitoring of Biometric devices installed in the campus.
  • Maintenance of Surveillance Cameras installed in the campus.
  • Supporting the Students of B.Voc. in Hardware Technology and Networking


Rajesh Shenoy
System Analyst



Santosh Akki,
Computer Programmer


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