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Gazette Notification  pdfimage
  • Statute governing the Tumkur University General Recruitment
  • Statute governing the conduct of Interview in respect of Teaching, Academic staff and other allied posts in Tumkur University.
  • Statute governing establishment of Entrepreneurship development Research Centre at Tumkur University.
  • Statute governing establishment of Centre for Indology Studies at Tumkur University.
  • Statute governing establishment of Sri Sri Ramana Maharshi Chair and Kumaravyasa Chair at Tumkur University
  • Statute governing establishment of Institution as Research Centres.
  • Statute governing the renaming of the Department of Bachelor of Fine Arts as Bharat Ratna Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi Department of Fine Arts.
  • Statute governing establishment of Prasaranga in Tumkur University
  • Modified Regulation governing the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree course in Tumkur University.
  • Regulations governing 13 various M.Sc Programmes in Tumkur University.
  • Regulations governing 14 various M.Sc Programmes in Tumkur University.
  • Regulations regarding establishment of various 29 Research Centres in Tumkur University.
  • Regulations, scheme of Examination and syllabi governing Degree of Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) under semester scheme.
  • Regulations Governing the Bachelor Degree Programmes of Tumkur University under Semester Scheme
  • Regulations governing B.Sc (Tech) in Computer Science, B.Sc (Tech) in Electronics Science, B.Sc(Tech) in Telecommunication Science and B.Sc (Tech) in Electrical Science degree courses in Tumkur University.
  • Regulations governing the Diploma Course in Animation.
  • Regulations of Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed)
  • Regulations governing the M.S and M.Sc Courses of Tumkur University.
  • Regulations governing Post graduate Degree Programmes offered under Semester Scheme with Choice Based Credit System, (CBCS)
  • Regulations governing Under graduate Degree Programmes offered under Semester Scheme with Choice Based Credit System, (CBCS)  and Course Matrix
  • Regulations governing the award of D.Litt / D.Sc Degrees
Ordinance for constitution of Board of studies  pdfimage
List of Teaching and Academic Staff pdfimage
Statistics of Teaching Posts pdfimage
List of Non-teaching Staff pdfimage
Statistics of Non-teaching Posts pdfimage
List of Projects Sanctioned by various funding agencies  pdfimage
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  
  • Higher Education Cell Centre for the study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
  • Intel Semiconductor (US) Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Mangalore University, Mangalore
  • National Law School, Bangalore
  • Sera Jey Monastic University, Bylakuppe, Mysore
  • S-VYASA University, Bangalore
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  • University Rouen, Rouen, France
  • Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
Details of Scholarships  pdfimage
Admission Statistics  pdfimage
List of Ph.d Awarded (With Synopsis) D.Lit and DSc  pdfimage
List of Honorary Degree Awardees  pdfimage
Result Analysis  pdfimage
Report of Sports Activities  pdfimage
Report of NSS Activities  pdfimage
Particulars of Foreign Visits of Statutory Officers during 2012-13  pdfimage
Annual reports (2011-12)  pdfimage
Audit Reports  pdfimage
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27-03-2017:  Quotation for Supply of Materials for Dept. of Microbiology  (Last date 04-04-2017 )

25-03-2017:  Quotation for Supply LAN Network Items and Installation at Computer Lab Dr.Sadananda Mayya Block  (Last date 06-04-2017 )

25-03-2017:  Quotation for Supply of LAN Networking Items and Installation at Administrative Sections and Department  (Last date 06-04-2017 )

25-03-2017:  Quotation for Supply of LAN Networking Items and Installation at Mathematics Compute Lab, University Science College  (Last date 06-04-2017 )

24-03-2017:  Quotation for providing Vitrified Flooring to Class Room at University College of Science  (Last date 31-03-2017 )

23-03-2017:  Quotation for Supply of Annual Souvenir of University Arts College  (Last date 01-04-2017 )

20-03-2017:  Quotations for the supply of materials for Department of Botany  (Last date 30-03-2017 )